Repulsive Video From Inside Daycare Goes Viral, Workers Responsible Pay The Price

When two daycare workers didn’t have anything better to do while on the job, they decided to film a raunchy and lewd video with a sex toy. While this would not necessarily be a problem if they had done it at home – the fact that they did at a daycare while little children were around is absolutely disgusting. The teachers are actually laughing and playing with ugly sex toys in front of the children. In the video, one of the adult teachers gives the vulgar item to a boy who doesn’t know what it is.

The video went viral after daycare workers at the SuperKids Child Care in Chandler, Arizona shared the horrible video on Snapchat with all of their friends and followers. An offended viewer, who was a boyfriend of a former daycare worker, captured the video off the site and shared it to ABC15.

Now that the Chandler community knows what was going on at the popular daycare center, they are outraged. And they hope that 25-year-old Gabriela Del Carmen Garcia and 24-year-old Fatina Sawyer get punished for their crime. Del Carmen Garcia was the one showing the babies in her care the sex toys while Sawyer was the one filming the disgusting act for all her friends on social media.

“I’m livid,” a grandmother said after she picked her granddaughter up from the SuperKids Child Care location. “Tomorrow when I come back to pick up my granddaughter, I want to know if they’re going to be brought up on charges.”

Chandler police have not yet blasted del Carmen Garcia and Sawyer with criminal charges. They are continuing to investigate the disgusting act that was filmed for the world to see on Snapchat.

Police identified the 25-year-old del Carmen Garcia as the offender who was using the sex toys with the children. Her coworker 24-year-old Sawyer was the offender behind the camera. In the opinions of the public, they are both just as culpable as each other.

Viewers shared their thoughts on Crime Watch Daily. Here were a few responses:

“This is very disturbing indeed. As a child care provider for over 34 years it is also disturbing to me when things like this happen.”

The police finally caught the two sex offenders. Del Carmen Garcia turned herself in on Wednesday and Sawyer, who did not self-surrender, was arrested in Mesa, Arizona.

The Chandler Police shared an update on Twitter about the case, “Gabriela & Fatina are in-custody. Thanks to all who shared our original post.”

On Tuesday, SuperKids Child Care shared a statement about the terrible act:

“It has been brought to our attention that some teachers behaved inappropriately yesterday at our child care center. We immediately contacted the police and state authorities about this incident. Police are currently investigating the incident and we will fully cooperate with them. We are in the process of informing the parents about the incident. The teachers involved in this incident have been terminated effectively immediately.”

The statement was signed “SuperKids Management” but did not mention the video and parents were confused about what the “incident” was that was causing so much strife.