North Carolina Father-Daughter Couple Arrested For Incest After Having Love Child

A North Carolina father and daughter have been charged with incest after having a child together and allegedly planning to marry each other. Steven Pladl (42) and his daughter Kadie Pladl (20) of Knightdale, North Carolina were arrested on January 27 after alleged “warrants” were issued following tips of their actions.

The couple has also been charged with contributing to delinquency and adultery according to FoxNews. The child of the couple, a boy born in September of last year, was taken into the custody of child services. Steven was released on a bond of a staggering $1 million, while Kadie, whose bond was also $1 million, remains behind bars.

The maximum charge for incest in North Carolina is up to 10 years in prison according to FoxNews. Both Steven and Kadie appeared in court last week. The charges for this situation were placed in Virginia where it is believed the relationship between Steven and Kadie first started.
According to the news radio station Knightdale WNCN, Kadie was given up for adoption by Steven when she was just an infant, but when she turned 18 she reached out to him via Social Media. Shortly after, Kadie moved into Steven’s home with his now ex-wife and their two children.

A month before Steven’s ex-wife moved out, Steven reportedly began sleeping on the floor of Kadie’s room. Steven’s ex-wife later confronted him, asking whether or not he was the father of Kadie’s baby, to which Steven allegedly said “yes” and that they had “planned to marry.”

According to WNCN, The warrants for Steven and Kadie’s arrest also stated that Steven insisted his other kids call Kadie their “stepmom.”

The couple is waiting to hear the court’s final ruling on the case, and there is no word yet of when the next court date will be. The child is currently under the care of child welfare services.