Mystery Woman Made These Threats 45 Minutes Before Las Vegas Shootings

Interesting information about statement made at concert. 45 mins before shots were fired. This girl is claiming that a woman came to the front of the concert and told everybody that they were going to die tonight. Watch the video below for the full story.

The witness told CNBC that the woman and a man were escorted away by security after threatening people in the front row. She said: “There was lady who pushed her way forward into the concert venue, into the front row.”

“She started messing with another lady and told us that we were all going to die tonight. “It was about 45 minutes before the shots were actually fired. But then she was escorted out by security. “It makes me feel uncomfortable especially coming here for my 21st birthday. Not knowing if I’m safe going home tomorrow.”

Police are searching for an Asian woman, named Marilou Danley, who was believed to be the shooter’s roommate