Models Of All Sizes Transform Times Square Into Body Positive Catwalk

When it comes to beauty, there’s no particular shape or size that can define it. Beauty is a combination of qualities that varies based on each individual, and therefore is defined by the eye of the beholder, and cannot be defined objectively. Evidently, it can appear in a multitude of ways, and apparently, in any given weather, too. Models of all sizes took to New York City to transform Times Square into a body positive catwalk.

Despite the elements, these individuals would not be stopped from partaking in an uplifting movement that is receiving due recognition. Body positivity activist and model KhrystyAna is to thank for an event that was planned and conquered, towards the empowerment of women. The guerilla lingerie fashion show took place despite the temperature, with women braving the cold to send a message to their compatriots, and females worldwide. Dubbed ‘The Real Catwalk’, the event was planned in just three days, entirely by KhrystyAna. Featuring a diverse cast of 25 of her model friends, the fashion show catered to those who may not have typically received their appreciation in the fashion world.

In the city that never sleeps, it’s tricky to captivate New Yorkers’ attention, with all that’s constantly going on around them. “Fashion and the public are ready to see the diverse types of beauty,” Khrystyana said, adding “it is in no way anti-Victoria’s Secret. It was just a way to support women who may not feel catered to.” In a respectable endeavor that she panned out effectively, she did just that.
Overwhelmed with the public’s positive reaction, this was an idea that was surely a success. What better platform than the heart of New York City, one of the most happening places in the world, with media outlets encompassing its surroundings. “New York is ready for the change and the chance to embrace all kinds of beauty”, she said, in what proved to be absolutely true in this outstanding initiative. The public opinion of beauty is ever-changing, and a cause like this is exactly what was needed to showcase that.

With a flurry pedestrians walking by, the catwalk was recognized and captivating. Women of all ages were inspired, stopping and smiling, and impacted by the courage of these models. Many of the involved models received an outpour of positive messages following the show, and deservingly so.

Women of all walks of life got to witness the appreciation that can come with being different, which is a special and important message. The resounding energy was obvious and gave all who witnessed it a new hope. A model who walked in the show, Paige D’Avino, noticed the genuine joy from all the women in the crowd, which proved to be worth every step of bravery that they took.

In a modern society that is constantly breaking down walls and barriers, this was an important event in the uplifting of women worldwide. With such a successful turnout, it is something that will surely become a trend and future occurrence. “This was to lift up and empower women. This was to bring women together because when we come together we are invincible and we just might change the world.”