10 Beauty Techniques That Will Change Your Life

Makeup and beauty techniques have been around for decades. The beauty industry is constantly coming out with new expensive products that will supposedly change the way you look at makeup forever. Fashion and makeup trends come and go at an alarming rate, and with this, makeup companies are regularly coming out with new techniques to make us more beautiful. Some people take their makeup very seriously, and develop very specific techniques to make sure it’s flawless and perfectly on-point.
If you’re always on the hunt for flawless skin or curly eyelashes but don’t want to dish out the big bucks, check out these amazing beauty tips.

Here are 10 beauty techniques that will change your life.
1. For those of you who love the effect of big, dramatic eyes, this technique will not only make your eyes look bigger, but it will also make them look brighter!

Grab some taupe eyeliner and use it on your bottom and top lashes. While regular dark eyeliners make your eyes look smaller, taupe will make them pop.


2. To avoid clumps when applying mascara, dab on some petroleum jelly prior to application.

This will separate your eyelashes and get rid of those pesky clumps.

3. Applying your eyeliner perfectly can truly be a difficult task. To make your eyeliner perfectly symmetrical, try this helpful tip.

When applying your eyeliner, start by dotting your eyelids so that when you apply it, you can connect the dots. Do the same for your other eye, and they should turn out perfect and symmetrical!

4. We all hate the annoying waxy feeling that can sometimes happen when we’re wearing lipstick.

To avoid this, press your lips against some blotting paper. Not only will this remove any excess wax, but it will also remove oils and won’t fade the color.

5. Use this great technique to give your lashes the perfect amount of curl.

Pinch your lashes at the base using an eyelash curler and then lift it so that it’s in an inverted position. Holding the eyelash curler at this particular angle actually lengthens your eyelashes, making them look more full and also more curly.

6. Not only does cold cream work wonders when removing makeup, but it also acts as a great moisturizer to give your skin the great deep cleaning that it deserves.

Apply cold cream to your face every night before you go to bed. It will work as a great deep cleaning conditioner and it won’t clog your pores!

7. Stop buying expensive setting powders to set your makeup. Instead, use this great tip.

After you apply your makeup, apply some baby powder onto your face and then dunk your face into a cold bowl of water for 15 to 20 seconds. Once you’re done, pat it dry and you’ll notice that your makeup lasts and looks fresh all day. This beauty technique might seem a little absurd, but try it, it works.

8. Fish tackling boxes are great for storing your makeup. They have tons of different compartments and are huge, too.

It’s the perfect alternative for storing your precious makeup.

9. Use cheap eyeliner as an eye shadow base!

Grab a white eyeliner pencil and apply it to your eyelids before applying your eye shadow. Once you’ve done that, apply the eye shadow and you’ll notice that the white coat from the eyeliner pencil works as a perfect base to make your eyes and your eye-shadow pop.

10. Use an anti-chafing gel as a face primer.

If you’re one of those people who has to deal with chafing, especially during the winter, use an anti-chaffing solution such as Monistat. It works exactly the same way that most brand name primers do, and it’s a lot cheaper too!

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